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Infinity Tecs is your ideal destination for industrial automation and vending solutions. Our dedicated team guarantees the delivery of an optimal, professional resolution for your quality project. Do not hesitate to approach us for your inquiries.

laRhea business line


We see ourselves established in all headquarters, with a full self-service station that leaves any employees’ needs fulfilled throughout his/her working hours, 24/7.
We are sloping towards automation and hence, a mechanized buffet is the future of all industries and we are willing to offer solutions that would be convenient to all facilities.


We are all leaning towards technological advancements, therefore, machines are becoming an essential requirement and with the employees’ daily work life routine, alongside the external pressures; it would be a lot easier if they are fueled with snacks and drinks that would enhance up their energy levels while maintaining convenient prices. We furthermore support the healthy lifestyle trend; thus we provide coffee machines that serve fresh Beans to Cup drinks and the Agora Fit vending machines – that offers healthy snacks and drinks.


We also commit to a permanently filled and perfectly functioning machine, at all times, through our wide network of operators and engineers all around Cairo and other governments.

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