Frucosol – F50

Automatic Juicer of Manual Feeding. Its Attractive Squeezing System at First Customer’s Sight Becomes a Way of Catching the Attention in Your Business

Frucosol – F50A

Orange Juicer of Automatic Feeding; Ideal for Any Type of Business. The Upper Side of the Machine Will Catch Your Customers’ Attention Showing the Oranges That Are Going to Be Squeezed

Zummo – Z10

Best Option to Satisfy Large Demands. Ideal to Install in Places Where It Will Be Used by Large Numbers of People such as Shopping Centres, Airports, Stations, Hospitals or Sports Centres

Zummo – ZV25

The ZV25 Is the Most Compact Vending Zummo Solution in Size and the Largest in Performance. Thanks to Its Reduced Dimensions, It Is Ideal for Offices, Shops or Businesses